Notice me!


Five minute Friday- week 2 (for me).  “Notice”

“Watch me, Mom!” calls my 3-year old as she gingerly climbs the mini-swing set in the backyard.  And can I ever relate.  When I left teaching to enter this amazing and less-than-glamorous world of mothering and staying home each day with my children, little did I know how much I had grown used to being noticed and praised for my work.  Both in Japan as a highly esteemed “sensei”, and in America where elementary teachers find great reward in the appreciation of children and their parents, I rarely found myself in a deficit of attention.  A little over three years ago, my world shifted, and the two little ones who now receive the mainstay of my efforts can focus mainly on articulating their own needs.  And my heart cries out, “Notice me!”  The one person who can speak into this vast well of need for attention is self-admittedly “not a words guy”.  And yet, he intentionally and generously offers words of encouragement regularly.  But the vast well of my heart wants more.  I know that the Shepherd of my heart is calling to this very place deep within, and yet I hesitate to follow, and I wonder- can He really lead me to the place of not wanting?


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  1. Awesome post! And Yes, He can, he has for me. I wanted, all my life, to be noticed. Now I only struggle sometimes with that. And we are kindred spirits! The one person who can speak to my need, besides God, is “not a words guy”. Yet, he too, has learned, for me, to intentionally make the effort. So blessed we are with our “quiet” guys.

  2. Love this and yes He can. You will find other ways to be noticed and other things to do. I love that you gave it up for those who are most important in your life. My husband is also “not a words” guy, but he is learning to at least show me that I am appreciated. And I am learning to ask when I have doubts! I think you are pretty amazing!

  3. Oh, it’s something I think all Mums can relate to….and I know I personally don’t ever really get any better at not wanting a bit of recognition….it’s a work in progress, shall we say!!!

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